Will Htay, Production Designer – ‘ Antman and the Wasp: Quantumania’

” Rob’s work on Quantumania was fantastic…traditional modelling blended with 3d print work, always produced with a keen eye for detail. Produced to a very high standard and in a timely manner. I just wish we could have made more!”

Dennis Gassner, Production Designer – ‘1917’

” Rob was an integral addition to the team on 1917. His creative model making was extremely valuable in creating our world. His ability to generate models quickly and beautifully was enormously appreciated within our restricted time resources. We loved his hard work and positive attitude and would recommend him highly to any Art Dept lucky enough to work with him”

Guy Hendrix Dyas ,  Production Designer – ‘The Nutcracker and the four realms’

”Robs work is an asset to the Art Dept. He has a discerning eye and a rapid production ethos.

He produces beautiful and elegant 3D Concept models that illustrate perfectly the production design proposal”

John Frankish, Senior Art Director –    ‘Snow White and the Huntsman’    ‘X Men first class’

“There is no better way to ‘proof’ a set design than with a physical scale model, it is invaluable to Director and Cameraman alike. Despite the growth of Digital modelling I have yet to see anything to compare with the technique and craftsmanship of Rob Bean. He is a unique and invaluable aid to the design and build of our industry leading film sets.”

Frank Walsh, Supervising Art Director –   ‘Maleficent’

“In this digital age of the Art Department, the use of time honoured sculpting skills still have a valuable place. Rob over many years, has shown the advantage over 3D CAD, in modelling actual scale representations of film sets, that a digital model cannot equal.

He assists the design process and explains to Directors, Producers and trades people, the information, very quickly and without ambiguity. He has provided invaluable support with his skills and sharp eye for detail

Jon Hutman, Production Designer –    ‘The Mummy’   ‘Unbroken’

“Rob Bean’s skill, experience and attention to detail and texture have made him an essential part of the design process here on ‘The Mummy’ . He transforms visual concepts into beautiful dimensional environments”

Dominic Watkins, Production Designer –    ‘The Bourne Supremacy’ ‘Pele’

“Rob makes concept designs truly dimensional. This is invaluable to the process. In my professional experience, I have never worked with anyone better.”

Jeremy Johns,  UPM – ‘The Nutcracker and the four realms’

”Many thanks Robert…Your models make such a huge difference to our early sequence meetings”