Based in Camberley,  Surrey.

I usually work at Pinewood , Shepperton or Leavesden studios but have also worked in the major studios across Europe and North America.

I also have a workshop at home.


I design and produce models, props and sculpture for film, television, advertising and the exhibition industries.

I specialise in creating Art Dept concept models for the film industry. I work in a variety of materials depending on the application and general concept required. Typically high density polystyrene, plastelene and model making composites.

I also use  3d printers to create highly detailed and scaleable models

Modelling, mouldmaking, casting and scratch building are all part of the concept building process. As well as the scale model work I also carve large scale sculptural work from polystyrene.


Quick turnarounds and tight deadlines are no problem

I have 8  3d printers (5 fdm and 3 dlp) so can usually turn out a print project within 24 hrs if needed